Terms and conditions of use

  1. PHONE PRO, our company is based in the canton of Geneva and deals largely from the sale of products in the majority of high tech electronics, telephony and accessories.

  2. For any correspondence please contact our customer service at the following address PHONE PRO, rue de Berne, 1201 Geneva info@phonepro.ch

  3. The sale covers the materials used or new, and addresses a major customer and responsible in principle domiciled in Switzerland and Europe.

  4. Offers online betting are available to customers without definitive commitment on our part and according to the available stock.

  5. Sales are accepted by the customer and will be available on the terms in force at the time of confirmation and the receipt of full payment of the order.

  6. Our conditions of sale are available on the internet and can be requested from our customer service.

  7. Our products are available at home throughout Switzerland. A delivery abroad is only under conditions and according to the final destination fully respecting the laws in force in each country on the trafficking of objects.

  8. The technical information, photos and links are provided for informational purposes only. The technical specifications and / or content of the delivered products may differ from the data supplied by the manufacturer or contained in its website. PHONE PRO does not control this kind of information. Therefore, PHONE PRO assumes no obligation as to their accuracy unless they were expressly declared compulsory in writing / mail.

  9. The customer can cancel the order within the time limit in force display depending on the product but the customer will pay the cancellation fee of up to 40% of the amount of the order.

  10. The customer must ensure that the desired product or the desired service corresponds to its requirements and its use.

  11. Prices may change without notice. An offer or an order confirmation does not constitute an obligation to deliver. If the price of an item ordered was meanwhile growing.

  12. The delivery time indicated in the tender or in the order confirmation receipt is provided for guidance only, without any commitment. In case PHONE PRO is unable to meet a delivery period, the customer can cancel his order by informing the customer service in writing within 10 days of confirmation of receipt of the order.

  13. The Annex fresh to the ordered product are borne by the customer unless in the offer it is mentioned that this is offered by the seller.

  14. Defective devices are not removed at the customer. It is his responsibility to send, at its expense and risk, to the designated service center or deliver them at the agreed location. The devices must be shipped with all accessories in the original packaging and accompanied by the purchase receipt, indicating the return code of the goods (RMA #) provided by the supplier, Failing the original packaging, the unit will be packed to be transported properly.

  15. A provision of services includes only the positions detailed in our catalog. Additional services can be provided. However, they must be defined in writing prior to the issuance of the order and will be charged. Our prices are in CHF including VAT. Subject to errors and changes.

  16. Payment is made online by the proposed e-payment and obligatorily in Swiss francs.

  17. The cancellation of an order must be made by registered letter.

  18. Delivery and right of return: Warranty service PHONE PRO grants a one year warranty on material defects. If the warranty stipulated by the manufacturer is superior to that provided by PHONE PRO, the customer may be enforced only from the supplier is not liable once within one year exceeded warranty.

  19. For equipment delivered back, the prior agreement of PHONE PRO is required. The customer must contact the customer service for a return number is assigned. Each return non-conforming goods to the proceedings will be refused and returned at the customers expense.

  20. The delivery time is given for information only. If delivery can not be completed within the time specified, the customer is responsible to demand a new deadline in writing / email. The customer has the responsibility to check the goods upon receipt and before use. If the material does not comply with the order, this must be announced within 5 days after receipt of the goods. The goods must remain in its original packaging and unused for recovery.

  21. Incorrect operation or not compatible (s) ordered product (s) is not an excuse to return the product or cancel the order.

  22. For any returned product that is no longer under warranty, an estimate of the repair costs will be automatically established. It will be charged to the customer at a fixed price of 80.00 CHF. If the client decides to proceed with the repair, this package will be added to the amount thereof. If it does not comment on the quote, the device will be recycled.

  23. Any damage caused during transportation must report within five working days from the carrier (mail or private carrier).

  24. If the customer wants the resumption of purchase due to incompatibility, dissatisfaction or another, our customer service and our subsidiaries are available to consider its request.

  25. The warranty begins on the date of delivery. If it takes with a waiting period up to delivery, the warranty period does not run. Thus, in case of partial delivery, the warranty period of several aircraft ordered at the same time may vary.

  26. The customer has the possibility to order, to extend the warranty for another 24 months from the expiry date of the warranty. This extension can not be concluded a posteriori, that is to say once the device purchased. If the purchase involves several parts of the same article, only be entered into the number of warranty extensions equivalent to the number of items. Excluded from the warranty extension devices used for commercial purposes.

  27. The customer has the duty to use the product according to the manufacturer's instructions and ensure necessary maintenance to ensure proper operation. The customer will keep the invoice, original packaging and all manuals and accessories. For a copy of the invoice, original packaging and a precise fault description are essential for every case of repair. In case of loss of one of the elements, costs of CHF 30.- will be charged for replacement.

  28. Guarantee the equipment delivered is valid under the terms of the brand manufacturer.

  29. The delivery of the replacement model (as supplier); the technical specifications may differ from the original product.

  30. Replacement of a product with comparable or higher technical specifications (a price of surplus remains to predict) The duration of the warranty will not be extended or interrupted during a repair or in an exchange. The customer is not able to repair the product by a third company at the expense of PHONE PRO.

  31. The person making the order for a third party or a company is also joint and several guarantee for full payment of the amount due by the third party or society.

  32. The decision to repair or exchange the device in general is the manufacturer. During the period of repair or until the delivery of a replacement device, the customer is not entitled to a free of charge replacement. If the defective device is replaced by the manufacturer, the value of the exchange apparatus will be adjusted on the fair value of the defective device. The latter or replaced parts become the manufacturer's property. The repair or replacement of a device does not entail an extension of the original warranty period.

  33. If a fault or defect does not fall under a warranty exclusion, the customer will address to the service center designated by the manufacturer or indicated on www.phonepro.ch. In any case, the return of the device must have been agreed in advance with the latter.

These general conditions of sale are subject to change at any time. Swiss law is applicable. The place is at the customer's home or office PHONE PRO in Geneva
In case of uncertainty, misunderstanding or clarification of a controversial passage, only the French version shall prevail.